VIDEO PODCAST: Miguel Nuñez (writer/director) of Levanta Muertos (Mexico)

Indie Film Nation Video Podcast #060: Miguel Nuñez (writer/director) of Levanta Muertos (Mexico), dramatic feature film.  Levant Muertos tells the story of Ivan, a young coroner, performs his deadly routine in the hottest city in Mexico. He goes to a point of no return thanks to his wild girlfriend Rosa and his pig ‘Homie’.

On this episode, Nina Hatchwell interviews Miguel Nuñez about his new feature film during the film’s premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London, United Kingdom.

Find out more about Levanta Muertos visit the official website, facebook and Twitter

This episode was shoot / edited by Peter Miranda (twitter, facebook, vimeo and instagram) from Capture Four with guest host, Nina Hatchwell (twitter, facebook, youtube and imdb).