Video Podcast #044: Michael Barnett (director) and Zimmer (real life superhero) of Superheroes (USA)

Indie Film Nation Video Podcast #044

On this episode, Bruce Himmelblau interviews Michael Barnett, Co-Writer/Director and Director of Photography of Superheroes (USA) during the film’s world premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival in the Documentary Competition of the festival.

Michael Barnett is joined by Zimmer, real life superhero, as they discuss this incredibly engaging and enjoyable documentary that takes into the world of those people who patrol the streets of USA cities dressed in homemade costumes. The names of Mr. Xtreme, Master Legend, Thanatos, Zetaman, Life, Dark Guardian, The New York Initiative and Xtreme Justice League may not be as iconic as the fictional superheroes created by Stan Lee but it’s worthy of spending 90 minutes with on this adventure on the mean streets. They have no special powers but strong sense of justice, at times misguided but at least their honest and genuine souls.

Superheroes was shot on Canon 5D which Michael Barnett demonstrates what powerful camera the 5D is proving to be especially in the hands of very clever and brilliant cinematography.

For more information on Superheroes visit their facebook, twitter or their official website