Video Podcast #040 - Gareth Edwards (Director) of Monsters (UK)

Indie Film Nation Video Podcast #040: Gareth Edwards (Director) of Monsters (UK)

On this episode, we catch up with Gareth Edwards (Writer/Director) of Monsters to discuss his directorial feature film debut that has created a huge buzz across the film festival circuit.  Since the films arrival at the South by Southwest Film Festival critics and audience alike have raved about Monsters.

Monsters is an incredible adventure about a couple as they try to make it from Mexico back to the USA against a back drop of chaos as an the alien creatures continue their spread.

The story behind the making of Monster is an incredible tale of creativity and commitment by Edwards and his two principle actors (Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy) and a handful of crew members that made this amazing film.

Monsters is being distributed in Australian by Madman and arrives in cinemas on the 25th November 2010 – check out the official Australian website for details.

For more information on Monsters visit the official Monsters website or Monsters Facebook Fan Page

Monsters is currently available on iTunes (USA) for rental for USA residents.