TIFF Day 09: the conclusion is soon!

My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done (2009), USA, at time I felt like I was watching someone trying to impersonate a David Lynch in several scenes - jumping right off the screen from Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway or Twin Peaks. The remainder of the film has a different film. Werner Herzog has created a very straight forward film, except for those Lynch moments. The film opens with detectives arriving at a murder scene to quickly discover the person responsible is the son of the victim who is holed up across the road. The film develops into a siege with possible hostages which turns out to be a pair of flamingos. The murder’s girlfriend and acting director arrive on the scene which introduces a series of flashbacks to discovers the his current state of mind. The film is enjoyable but without being brilliant.

Whip It (2009), USA, Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut is solid film that will impress the ladies and there is a little bit there for the fellas. It’s coming of age story for Bliss (Ellen Page), small town 17 year old girl, trying to find her way in the world while still for-filling her mother wishes for her to be a beauty pageant queen. This wouldn’t be a film without a dramatic challenge for young Bliss when she discovers the game of roller derby which makes her a star with all the popularity and an attractive boy chasing after her what more can a girl want. Of course, mum finds out this go a little haywire but everything works out in the end. The film is fun if you can switch off the creditability meter in your mind as we watch Bliss tear up the Texas roller derby scene in a few short weeks smashing Juliette Lewis, Zoe Bell and Drew Barrymore along the way.

Timetrip: Curse of the Viking Witch (2009), Denmark, a fun kids film about witch craft, time travel and kids messing up! The film is quality entertainment that travels with the ages with our intrepid kids getting themselves in all sorts of trouble to help out a scientist who has a curse on him that makes him immortal, but his immortal is curse as his had enough of hanging around century after century. The only problem for him is that the curser is a witch who actually enjoys the whole lifestyle certainly doesn’t like the idea of couple of kids destroying her immortality. The only thing stopping this film from being a smash hit amongst the kids is you’ve to read subtitles because they are speaking another language, get the kids past that and you’ll have as much fun as them! Put this one on the netflix list for school holidays along with Under the Mountain.