MIFF Day 10: Blind Company & Awaydays

My most disappointing day so far @ the Melbourne International Film Festival two films back to back and both were slow films that never reached any great heights!

BLIND COMPANY (2009), Australia, Alkinos Tsilimidos (Director) had it’s world premiere last night at MIFF. Tsilimidos is a favourite of the MIFF programmers having had TOM WHITE (2004) and EM4JAY (2006) all premiering at MIFF. Blind Company has excellent production values and incredible performance by Colin Friels and Nick Barkla, but this film is paced so slowly that it felt almost like a short film had that had been padded out to make a feature length film. The tension built from a man close too death and dealing with his life’s mistake, plays out too slowly. The revealing of his secret past is painfully slow and the shock ending comes as no surprise.

AWAYDAYS (2009), UK, set in 1979 in Liverpool telling the tale of group of soccer hooligans is fantastic story material and the actual source material as cult novel of the same by Kevin Sampson should deliver brilliant film. Instead, the film strolls along at such a slow pace that almost fell asleep. The film caught the time and look perfectly and the acting was strong, but something didn’t connect. The intensity from the story was missing. This should have been to the soccer hooligan genre what Trainspotting was to heroin genre.