MIFF 2009 Day 07: RED RIDING 1983 (UK)

RED RIDING 1983, the final installment in the series ended with an even stronger film then the first two films. The level of corruption weaves deeper and all the characters are tied together, along with those outstanding questions.

This episode revolves around a disinterested solicitor, John Piggott returning to town after the death of his mother. He soon finds himself knee deep in police corruption. When is asked to act as the appeal solicitor for Michael Mishkin, who was convicted of the three young girls murders in the 1974 film.

The reality was Mishkin was fitted up for the murders by the police covering a much sinister truth. Piggott turns the pressure up on Detective Jobson who finally finds some integrity or makes a stand.

The full truth is exposed and the series is wrapped up neatly, but one of the positive of the series was anyone sit down and watch one of the films and follow the story without missing out on any crucial details from the other films.

Did they belong in MIFF? It worked for me and each film raised the bar in the series and the production quality seemed to improve with each film. All the films had different directors but all the films felt they belonged together but slightly different styles.