MIFF 2009 Day 03: RED RIDING 1974 (UK)

RED RIDING 1974, is screening in the MIFF program along with other two films from the Red Riding series (1980, 1983). One of the most interesting aspects about these films is it that they are three feature length television films that screened earlier this year in the UK on Channel Four.

They are based on novels by David Peace set in Yorkshire and feature similar themes across the series but are not intended as prequel or sequels. All three films have been directed by different directors and shot on different formats.

RED RIDING 1974, revolves around a young journalist Eddie Dunford (Andrew Garfiled) returning to his home town to take up a post as the crime reporter for the Yorkshire Post but immediately finds himself on the story of child killer. Dunford finds himself knee deep in political and police corruption as he tries to solver the case of three missing children.

This may only be a feature television film, but the production values and casting is quality. It takes the audience on cinematic journey through Yorkshire in 1974 and is perfectly directed by Julian Jarrold(Brideshead Revisited).

The only query I have on this film is should it be in the MIFF program given that it is feature length television film that would happily play on the ABC or cable television. I’ll reserve my judgement until have seen the following two films (episodes) before making a final call, not that my opinion is deciding anything!