AUDIO PODCAST: Tiffany & Jayce Bartok (Directors) of Altered by Elvis (USA)

Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #072
Interview with Tiffany & Jayce Bartok (Directors) of Altered by Elvis (USA) feature documentary plus Jayce is also the screenwriter of The Cake Eaters (USA) currently playing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Industry Player of the Week
Interview with Ben Pinkhasik and Clint Mazur (co-founders) of My Movie Network a great social networking/resources for filmmakers and we announce the "Discover Me" film competition in conjunction with the My Movie Network - win a copy of FrameForge 3D (storyboarding software) and a chance to be guest on Indie Film Nation.

Another Wasted Barman by Kidbrother (Sweden)
Coming Down Easy by The Brown Hornets (Canada)