AUDIO PODCAST: Stephen Tramontana (Writer/Director) of Grindhouse (USA)

Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #071

Interview with Stephen Tramontana (Writer/Director) of Grindhouse (USA) feature film made in 2002 and has accused Quentin Tarantino of ripping off his film for his new film project with Robert Rodgriuez. Tramontana has released his film for download for only 99 cents at The Real Grindhouse

Industry News
Bryan Singer vs Gus Van Sant – both are making new films about the Harvey Milk murder in San Franscisco

Anne Thompson from Variety magazine reports that independent filmmakers are now using online distribution strategies like Amazon Unboxed to release their films and details Linda Nelson and Michael Madsen experience of distributing their film Shifted (USA) on Amazon. Madsen appeared on Indie Film Nation #039 on the 19th March 2006 discussing exactly this strategy over year before the industry papers picked on this trend.

Preview of San Francisco International Film commences the 26th April to 10th May 2007

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