AUDIO PODCAST: Geoffrey Wright (Director) of MacBeth (Toronto Film Festival 06)

Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #057

Industry News
Amazon Unbox launched
Apple launches movies on iTunes
Toronto Film Festival Update
Luc Besson announces final film as Director - Arthur
Film Festival Wrap
Zimbabwe International Film Festival Winners
Venice Film Festival Winners
Film Festival Preview
Independent Film Week @ NYC - IFP
San Sebastian Film Festival

The Inside Tip
Interview with Jason Holloway (CEO) of Dovetail
Podsafe Music
The Other Half of Me by Laura Clapp
In Focus Interview
Geoffrey Wright (Director) of MacBeth (Toronto Film Festival 06) & Romper Stomper (90's classic)
Earthlink Challenge Ad
Earthlink @ podshow
MySpace Filmmaker of the Week
Angry Filmmaker alias Kelley Baker (Writer/Director) of Birddog & Kick Bird (feature films) plus Sound Designer for Gus Van Sant

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