AUDIO PODCAST: Eric Nichols (Director) and David Newham (Star) of Isolated (USA)

Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #058
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Is this really an indie film?
Lars Van Trier to make a horror film
Dream Horror film projectIncubus to be release for direct to download b4 DVD release @ Red on AOL

Festival Wrap
Another Golden award @ San Sebestian
Seoul Film Festival Winners
Toronto Film Festival Winners

Festival Preview
The Stony Awards
San Diego Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival

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Not on the Radio by Geoff Smith @ PMN

In Focus
Interview with Eric Nichols (Writer/Director) and David Newham (Star) of Isolated (USA).. new indie thriller

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Filmmaker of the Week
Interview with Pete Templeman from Australia is the director of The Saviour (Best Short Film @ Slamdance 05) and Splintered (Best Short Film @ Slamdance 06)

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Quit My Day Job by Geoff Smith @ PMN

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