AUDIO PODCAST: Matt Pizzolo(Director) and Katie Nisa(actress)from Kings Mob Productions(NYC)

Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #049
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Zombies are really becoming so Hollywood Italians to make a return a slasher genre
The Independent (magazine) almost RIP!

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Film Fest @ Falls Creek
Festival & Event PreviewTaipei Film Festival 24th June to 9th July
Moscow Film Festival 23 June to 2nd July
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10p by Amplifico (United Kingdom)

In Focus
Interview with Matt Pizzolo & Katie Nisa (NYC) from Kings Mob Productions the team behind Threat a feature length dramatic film, now available on DVD and distributed by Halo8 Entertainment

MySpace Filmmaker of the Week
Interview with Lynn Lane (MySpace) from (Coal River Pictures) a documentary filmmaker based in NYC currently working completing feature length documentary called "Ring Days"

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Genre's On A Roll by A Step Behind (California USA)

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