AUDIO PODCAST: Neil Armfield (Director) of Candy (Aus)

Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #046
Indie Film News
Todd Solondz announces new project
Akira Kurosawa Film School Closes before it opens
Argento announces to finish Trilogy (23 years inwaiting)

Film Festival Preview

Interview with Paul Harris (Festival Director) of the St Kilda Film Festival on the 30th May to 4th June
Interview with Beth Barrett (Program Manager) of the Seattle International Film Festival on the 25th May to 18th June 2006


Echo In My Head by Holiday [iTunes]

In Focus

Interview with Neil Armfield (co-writer/Director) of Candy (starring Heath Ledger & Abbie Cornish) on theatrical release in Australia on 25th May 2006 [Official Site]

MySpace Filmmaker of the Week
Mark F. Armstrong (Producer) [MySpace] and (Organizer) of Home of Greater Chicagoland Hip-Hop Filmmakers Caucus [MySpace]

Podsafe Music

I See Dead People by Anonymous [PMN] [Official Site]

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