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Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #043
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Akira Kurosawa Film School[Official Site] in Japenese only
Instanbul festival debacle - festival director axed in the middle of the festival
Austrian Film Producers fighting over coin
25th Hong Kong Film Awards [Official Site]

FilmFestival Updates

GenArt Winners[Official Site] check out video podcast by David Jr [Official Site]
Method Fest [Official Site]
Upcoming Tribeca Film Festival April 25th to May 7th NYC USA [Official Site]
Cannes Film Festival Films Announced [Official Site]
Roger Ebert Film Festival 26th April to 30th April - Illinois USA [Official Site]

Filmmakers Resource
Script P.I.M.P. Competition [Official Site] - Closing next week Final Draft Screenwriting Competition [Official Site]
IFP Market [Official Site] - closing next week

Podsafe Music

Blackheart Blues - Melissa Forbes from Brisbane [Podsafe Music Link]

In Focus
Interview with David Straus (CEO) of [Official Site] film festival submission site

MySpace Filmmaker of the Week

Interview with Jim Hemphill (Writer/Director) of Bad Reputation (Feature Film) [MySpace] [Official Film Site]

Podsafe Music
Schools Out by Fire Underground [Podsafe Music Link]

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