AUDIO PODCAST: Lloyd Kaufman (Director) of Troma Films

Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #041
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Dan Myrick (The Blair Witch Project) returns to directing after creating the most successful indie film in history, Solstice [Official Site]
Project Greenlight Oz [Official Site] - Solo (coming soon) [IMDB Page]
Canada Film Festival Debacle Continues - Montreal Film Festival wants the New Montreal Film Festival's funds now
Online Delivery of films has been launch by Hollywood film studios Movielink [Official Site] or CinemaNow [Official Site] - for USA customers only

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Bermuda International Film Festival Wrap [Official Site]
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Interview with Lloyd Kaufman (Producer & Director) - Troma Films [Official Site] & [MySpace Filmmaker] & [Video Podcast]

Giveaway - 10 Troma DVD's to be given away just email:
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MySpace FilmmakerRyan Thiessen & Greg Swinson from Morristown, Tennessee (Trauma One Entertainment )[Production Site][MySpace Site] on their new feature, Five Across the Eyes [Official Site] [MySpace Film]

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