AUDIO PODCAST: Pip Mushin (director) of Josh Jarman

Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #032
In the News:
Sundance Film Festival 2006 films announced [Official Site]
Tropfest announce signature item for next festival - 'Bubble' [Official Site]
Tropfest Feature Film Program [Official Site]
IFP - Gotham Awards 15 [Official Site]
AFI Awards [Official Site]
IF Awards [Official Site]
Bruce Willis new film - Mission Accomplished [Check out this annoucement]

Podsafe Music:
'Still' by Bitune[Official Site]

In Focus:
Pip Mushin, director, Josh Jarman [Official Site] (new Australian film on theatrical release in OZ)

Podsafe Music:
'Miles Away' by 28 [Official Site]

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