TIFF Day 10: the finale

I finally reached the end of my TIFF experience and had enough time to squeeze in two films screenings:

Solitary Man (2009), USA, Michael Douglas plays a successful car salesman who goes for a health check up causing him to spiral his life out of control. He decides to live life doing everything to please himself - chasing skirt and ripping off his business partner. We move forward five years and discover that his character has really messed up his life once a respect businessman, now in disgrace and estranged from his family. His family relationships are breaking down. But just when he looks like his about to bounce back and revive his career he manages to destroy it all and slides further. Douglas delivers a brilliant performance as man on the skids and is supported by Danny DeVito as his old high school buddy who proves that true friendship will survive adversities. The is brilliantly directed by Brian Koppelman and David Levien.

The final film of the TIFF was Valhalla Rising (2009), Denmark, was one of my personal favourites of the festival and the perfect way to end an incredible time. Valhalla Rising was Nicholas Winding Refn film that takes introduces to mute super warrior who is enslaved by Scottish highlanders who use him as some sort gladiator amongst fellow tribes his only human contact is with a young boy who tends to him. He escapes his captors and hooks up with a group of crusaders and an incredible journey is undertaken. The location, performance and tone of the film is compelling. Refn has create one of the best films of 2009 and delivered two incredible films in the one year with Bronson at the start of the year. Valhalla Rising does contain an incredible performance by Mads Mikkelsen who never utters a word during the entire. Bronson and Valhalla Rising are very different styles and tones with incredible complex lead characters that will leave audiences in awe of this rising talent of cinema. The Pusher trilogy was only sample of a growing talent.

After getting out the screening I only had enough time to get back to the hostel to collect my belongings get a limousine car service to the airport to fly on to Los Angeles.