MIFF Day 09: Love Exposure & The Burrowers

LOVE EXPOSURE (2009), Japan, clocks in at just a couple minutes shy of four hours which is extraordinary length for feature film and unbelievable that a film could sustain one’s interest for such an incredibly long running time!

Sion Sono (Suicide Club) the director, has delivered an amazing piece of cinema that must be experience to truly appreciate, I recommend to see in a cinema just so you are not distracted by the phone ringing! The synopsis for this film doesn’t really give you any indication how interesting this film actually is, it’s wacky, fun, crazy, brilliant and should be experience just for the length.

THE BURROWERS (2008), USA, my days screening end with this film and I am just wondering how this film ended up in the MIFF night shift program. It’s an enjoyable western horror film directed by J.T. Petty that brings together some original themes but it’s straight to video fare at best. The version shown at the festival was screening off a Betacam SP which had all the color washed out of it and really detracted from the viewing experiencing, especially for the night time scenes. I was disappointed with the experience with such a poor quality screening and watching an average B grade film at such prestige international film festival. Apparently this film was an originally web series for Fearnet.com that has turned into a feature film.