AUDIO PODCAST: Ken Schaffer (Senior Programmer) of FrameForge 3D (Storyboard Software)

Indie Film Nation Audio Podcast #050
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Indie Film Nation Announces Best Indie Film for 2005/06
Under the City
Sheffield Goes Bollywood announces most annoying film characters
What is Indie? being determined by EU Media Fund
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Film Festival Wrap Up
Silver Docs Winners
Sydney Film Festival Winners
Shanghai International Film Festival Winners
Film Festival Preview
Auckland International Film Festival (NZ) - 7th to 23rd July 2006
Maine International Film Festival (Waterville, Maine USA) 14th to 23rd July 2006
Omaha Film Festival - call for entries
Hayden Online Film Festival - call for entries close 15th July
The Inside Tip
Interview with Ken Schaffer (Senior Programmer) of FrameForge 3D (Storyboard Software) - one copy to be given away
Podsafe Music
My Glass Eye by Beth Thornley (Podsafe Music Network)
In Focus
Interview with Bruce Himmelblau (Editor - Chicago USA) joins the team as an Indie Film Nation correspondent he is currently involved in WEVA News Minute podcast and Blue Sky Video Productions on today's program he asked Hughes Winborne (Editor) of Crash about what he learned during the filming @ NAB
MySpace Filmmaker of the Week
Russ Emanuel (Director) of Girl with Gun produced by RUSSEM Productions
Robb Benson (from band Dept of Energy on iTunes) new track California Stutter